Welcome To

Millside Dog Park

Welcome To Millside Dog Park!

If you are looking for a secure place to let your dog run free without the stress that sometimes comes from letting your dog off-lead, then Millside Country Stores dog park is the place to be.

With just under 3 acres securely ring fenced to 6 feet high our spacious park offers peace of mind so you can exercise or train your dog whilst keeping them safe from other hazards beyond your control.

The best place to take your dog!

Opening Times


Monday – 6:30AM ~ 7:30PM

Tuesday – 6:30AM ~ 7:30PM

Wednesday – 6:30AM ~ 7:30PM

Thursday – 6:30AM ~ 7:30PM

Friday – 6:30AM ~ 7:30PM

Saturday – 6:30AM ~ 7:30PM

Sunday – 6:30AM ~ 7:30PM

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